K's Koncepts is not just a furniture store...

We find passion in creating something new from what other people might find old, washed up, and useless. Believe that there is something magical about seeing the beauty in everything. When you decide to look through the eyes of your imagination, suddenly the dull world becomes a much brighter place.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
―Mark Twain


This place is your FarmHouse Style dream. Everything is absolutely beautiful. You can tell everything was done with so much love and care. The atmosphere is mind blowing and the staff is amazing. There is never any pressure to buy anything like most businesses, they allow you to come in and take it all in and just enjoy every piece and all the details. You are never disappointed going in this store, and every week there is always something new 😍. This place is just amazing !

Tawanna W.

K’s Koncepts is such a wonderful place. Not only is the furniture and decor absolutely stunning, but the owner, and entire family, are incredibly sweet and helpful. I bought a dining room table and absolutely love it. I also have many decor purchases that add the perfect touch. It’s my favorite store in town by far!

Desiree R.

K’s Koncepts is an amazing & exquisite store to find all the unique furniture items to help make a home. The owners are professional and treats everyone who walks in their doors as if they’ve known them. Talk about a rare jewel.....once you experience it you will keep coming back for more!!! I recommend watching the FB live posts that always keep you interested in what the store has to offer. I guarantee it will become your favorite store, it sure is mine!!!

Tomika J.

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